Changing Lives, Restoring Families and Transforming Nations by Making Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ

He who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, And He will repay him for his good deeds. (Proverbs 19:17)

GLORY MINISTRIES INDIA provides ongoing assistance to the orphans, the poor, the widows, and the elderly, as well as during times of emergencies - such as the floods that occur during the Rainy Seasons in South India. With the help of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are helping a lot of people in India and Proclaim the word of Gospel to Many People in India. We ask you to visit us and Help and Preach the Gospel.

Specifically, we serve the orphan children among the tribal and most backward areas of India — where the people are illiterate and very poor. We have been serving them for more than 5 years. We help them by distributing food, clothes, medicine and other necessities, and by running awareness camps. We also help make sure that poor children get an education by providing them with free tuition, clothes, shoes, and study materials.

orphans in india

We currently care for 25 children, and 2 handicapped people. We are also trying to find a way to take care of 20 HIV positive children we recently discovered in our travels to the villages. Please help us make a way for them!

pastor rambabu with children

The main reasons we care for these southern tribal children are:

  1. There are no orphanages in Southern India, unlike Northern India, which has many.
  2. The terrorist groups are attracting these orphan youths by offering lump sums of money. They then take them into the jungle to give them training and teach them to be antisocial.
  3. The mafia groups also attract these children and use them for drug trafficking. Almost 30% of boys, girls and village people are becoming the victims of drugs like opium, ganja, cocaine, and some local plants and glues to make them addicts.

The younger generations are the ones most affected, so we view this as a most serious issue, and have made it our goal to save the orphan children from these antisocial elements. After our personal investigation and inspection, we have decided to take more orphan children from these tribal villages. Now, we put them in good schools and give them special help with their studies. These children are doing well now and it makes us very happy. This is the first time in India that the tribal orphan children are studying in leading schools and scoring good marks. Please pray for us as we continue in these endeavors.

Music: “The Blind Sparrow” by Chip Davis.

Chip Davis is one of the most in-demand singer / songwriters in the Nashville, TN area. He has performed on literally thousands of records.

Chip truly has a heart for orphans & has generously given us his full permission for the use of his song
“The Blind Sparrow” to further & draw attention to the international cause of the hurting orphans of the world.

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